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One-Piece Spindle Forging


Most of the challenge in motorsports begins with optimizing each component and finding the appropriate solution as quickly as possible.  With the  forging that has been designed and developed at KFinn Solutions, achieving a one-piece finished spindle (a common suspension part) can happen in less than one day cutting time (20-24 hours depending on the design complexity) on a CNC machine.  No post-machining processes (no heat treating, i.e.) are required on the finished part.  Using previous methods, reaching the finished part required many processes which tied up machines and slowed production. 

High quality materials were chosen to develop a forging that can be machined to the specs of each customer so a one-piece component can be used in the suspension assembly. 

Truck Emblem for Restoration Project


Reverse engineering classic emblems and determining a solution for reproduction of parts in low volume runs is more challenging than it may sound.  Finding the best method is time consuming and producing a part that lasts as long or longer than the original is always the goal. 


The image to the right is the original Titan 90 emblem from a heavy duty truck built in the 1970's.  The reproduction part was modeled and machined from aluminum, then chrome plated.  

Titan 90 Machined Parts.jpg
Titan 90 Original to Reverse.jpg
Titan 90.JPG
Titan90 at Truck.jpg
1954 Chevrolet Coupe Dash Panel for Restoration Project


Another restoration project involved the reverse engineering of the original 1954 dash panel for a Chevrolet Coupe. 


The image to the right shows the original parts that were digitized.  Below, the CAD model of the parts was used to produce the finished parts on a five axis CNC mill.  

Reverse Engineering of a Go Kart Chassis Weldment


Tubular Chassis Weldments can be reverse engineered into CAD models so future development and changes can be recorded and tracked.  Accurate fixturing for the weldment can be integrated into the modeling so the finished product can be more repeatable.

Below and to the right, an existing go-kart chassis weldment is measured using a Faro Arm and the data is turned into a CAD model.  

Composite Mold Design and Carbon Fiber Part Production

Designing molds for the production of composite parts is also part of the portfolio at KFinn Solutions, LLC.  Here, a carbon fiber duct was designed to fit an existing piece of equipment used in the motorsports industry.  Then, molds were reversed from the part design and then machined from billet aluminum.  Once the molds were produced, the parts were formed from the mold and put into service.  

CAD Modeling of Sheetmetal for Signage Along Highway

When a general contractor reaches out with a need for a unique sign for one of their customers, KFinn Solutions, LLC gets the job done.  What started as a plain logo file quickly became a manufacturable CAD model with cut files for the fabrication facility.  Positioning of the support structure became part of the design engineering.  The finished product turned out amazing!  

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