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Design Consulting, Design Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Special Projects

Using current engineering methods and the most relevant manufacturing process for the situation, KFinn Solutions, LLC delivers the optimal solution to your problem.  Years of "hands-on" engineering experience has established an infrastructure for the network of tools and resources available.  Now, these tools and resources are available to you, the customer.   


Whether it is a unique component in the motorsports industry, aerospace industry, marine and watersports industry, or just a creative advancement of an existing tool or component used in every day life, delivering a successful solution is what KFinn Solutions does everyday!

No job is too big and no job is too small.  We tackle them all!

Titan 90
Titan 90 Dwg
Boat Stringers
Steering Wheel Center Bezel
Steering Wheel Bezel Dwg
Slap Link Assembly
Slap Link Assembly
LS Spindle
LS Spindle 2
Spindle Model 1-19a
Drwg File for Forgings
Spindle Model
Dash Part
DWG Pic1
Leg Brace


We work directly with the customer to generate the most practical and cost effective solution to the project at hand.  Your conceptual design can become a reality when you rely on KFinn Solutions, LLC.  We think 'outside the box' to reach the solution (whether it is a CAD model, a prototype version, or handing over the finished product). KFinn Solutions, LLC is your solution!



We have the ability to reverse engineer existing components and modify per the customer specifications.  Using the latest software in the digitizing industry, we are efficient in collecting accurate data to verify your current part or  develop your CAD model.



Staying current with CAD software is a critical element in the success of KFinn Solutions, LLC.  Continuous forward progress in product development is achievable when the tools being used are up to date.



Delivery of finished products to the customer is not out of reach, nor out of the question.  Whether the product is machined, fabricated, welded, or constructed in some alternate method, KFinn Solutions, LLC will find your solution and deliver your product in a timely manner.

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